Satin Galli and Erin68 Frog are two of SL's best live vocalists!  This real life couple puts 100% of themselves into each show performed.   Individually, they'll amaze you with their voices and style ............ together, they shine!

Both having performed most of their lives on stage they bring to SL style, grace, and fun!   Winners of many awards within the live music community, Satin and Erin have proven themselves in Second Life as top vocalists.

Unique to SL, as a real life couple, Satin and Erin perform live duets covering songs such as With You I'm Born Again, Feels Like Home, I Got You Babe and many, many others!  With fun spirited banter between one another and the audience, their amazing vocals, and a mix of duets and solos makes this teams live show one not to miss!

Performing a vast variety of music styles and genres, from those pull at the heart string ballads, to rockin' some of the best rock tunes from the olden days to current, you're senses will come alive.. bringing back memories, emotions, and love.  At every venue,  every show is unique to itself.  Whether performing solo or together as a duet team, you'll leave every show smiling.  

~ * Booking Information * ~ 

Contact Erin or Satin directly to book a show for your venue, private parties, or weddings (ask us or one of The Whiskey Girls for a bio card with fee schedules and more information)